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This is simply a list of where you can currently buy my books. If you want to buy merch, click the link above for various types of shirts and tote bags. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, I have no signing events currently scheduled. Please input your email address into the SUBSCRIBE BOX below to receive email updates. is a website that donates some of your purchase to independent book store around the country. Thanks for your support.

Novels/Full Length Books

The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes



The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades



Nightmare People and Other Short Horrors





Lynn Clayt returns to her hometown after being heartlessly betrayed by her fiance. Her self inflicted therapy is cut short by a blizzard and a chance encounter with a massive white werewolf. She runs into the professional werewolf hunter, Trevor Oaks, but even with his help, they'll have to fight like hell to survive the night. The death howl has rung. The Wolves in the Ice descend upon their prey.

A scientist loses his fiance in a strange alternate world known as The Starry Fright. An accident keeps him and his team from rescuing her from the desolate wasteland. One year later, he must return there to continue his studies, knowing that she is long dead.

His team is viciously massacred by a mysterious creature, but through a twist of fate, he is forced to relive memories of his lost love. He lost something pretty. He found something deadly.

Collaborative Anthologies

Midnight Special -

Midwest Writers Guild EVV 2019

Digital Anthology

A portion of my as of yet unreleased horror novella, Nightmare People appears in this collected works featuring several other poets and authors. Kindle edition.

More reading options and stories coming in the near future! Thanks for your support.

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