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Pics from 2017 Events so Far...

This has been a pretty crazy year thus far. I released my second book, The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades at an actual Barnes & Noble (though I seemed to have lucked out, because most of the other ones won't seem to return my calls/emails). I have gone to several signing events and every one of them has been a minor to moderate success as far as sales are concerned. They all have been huge successes where personal connection and pitching my stories are concerned (except for the Franklin Street Bazaar, but let's be honest, everyone was there to get their eat on).

Thanks to everyone who has supported and enjoyed my writing so far. If you want to continue supporting me, then please go to the Buy My Books link above... if you have bought my books, then great, please leave an Amazon review below on the page. The more positive reviews, the more exposure my writing will get. Tell your friends, family and co-workers about the books and my signing events if you live close enough.

Anyway, on with the actual topic of the post. Pictures, y'alls!

Most of these are on my Instagram at thebulletproofghost, but a few aren't...

These following pics are from the Franklin Street Bazaar in Evansville, Indiana:

These are from the #BawlerStatus release event at the Evansville, Indiana Barnes & Noble

Okay, that last one wasn't at the event, but Melissa couldn't make it, so she bought one later. :)

This next batch was from Tricon, which was a great time. Really glad I went to this one. Thanks to Thousands Faces Cosplay and Clay Me Cuties for being awesome.

Again thanks to everyone who attended these events, bought my books or even just dropped by to chat. More event news to come. Keep an eye on the twitter feed @thebproofghost for the most up to date BPG and Jake dh news.


-Jake dh

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