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The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades is now on Kindle!!

After several months of waiting after the release of the paperback version of The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades, finally... finally, the Kindle version is on Amazon for purchase for $3!

I am really sorry for the delay, but there were a couple of nitpicky things that I had to fix in order for it to be accepted. To give you an idea, the last thing I fixed was that in the credits section of the Kindle display, I had websites posted in which their 'last name' was '.com'. Kindle's automated submission system apparently hates that.

So it's all good now. Thanks for your patience and support. I altered the front of the website a little since, I've been to both of those events that were posted. I'll put up a post later this year to outline the experiences I've had at conventions, libraries, museums, bookstores and the like. I have a couple of events that are being confirmed for 2018, once they are, I'll be posting that info.

For now all I need is for everyone who hasn't bought one of the BPG books, to buy them (BTW if you buy the paperback on Amazon, you get the Kindle version for free!). I need for the people who have bought/read either books to put a review up for Prototypes, In Spades or ideally both. And finally just let your friends and family how much you enjoyed the BPG series and my writing so far... if you have.

You can also subscribe to this website/blog for semi-regular updates.

Thanks again. See all of you later.

-Jake dh

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