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2018 Begins! In March!

So in case you didn't notice, there haven't been a ton of updates on the website for the last few months. If you've kept up with my Twitter feed @thebproofghost or my Instagram @thebulletproofghost, then you know there have been a handful of updates here and there.

The biggest update is that I'll be releasing two short stories in the next month... ish. The first story will be part of the Midwest Writers Guild compilation this year, which will release on Tuesday... yes this Tuesday. Short notice, I know. I'll set up a store of some sort to order it directly from me, because it will not be on Amazon or any other online seller to my knowledge.

The short story is titled "Something Pretty, Something Deadly". It is a science fiction-horror about two scientists lost in a parallel dimension. They are being chased by an invincible monster, but the memories of a lost love is the real thing haunting one of the scientists. I wrote it in ten days, but I'm honestly proud of it. It turned out a lot better than I anticipated. Something Pretty, Something Deadly will be released in Kindle and Nook formats as soon as I find a new person to format it... because IFlow Creative went out of business. So, yeah... that.

The other story I'm working on is almost finished. I received edits from my new editor Tim Heerdink, who is a fellow MWWG member. I have not implemented those edits as of yet, because I have been busy. I've talked about this story a few times. Wolves in the Ice is part of the Dreadful short story series. Lynn Clayt is betrayed by her fiancé, so she returns to her hometown in Alaska for solitude. Instead she finds herself being hunted by a pack of hungry, white werewolves. She runs into a professional wolf hunter and together, they must survive the night.

I hope to have this one finished and published by the beginning of April. The cover for said story is at the top of the post. The art was illustrated by Scott Loesch, who also designed the look for The BulletProof Ghost.

I'm still working on my fantasy novel, Deathless, but now I've decided to split the book into more than one novel. The new title is Deathless: Cylinder of Sickness. I'll release more details about this story later.

I'm going to complete Deathless before I start work on the third BulletProof Ghost novel. I'm about 9,000 words into BPG: Magnum Opus, but I need to finish Deathless. I can't keep going back and forth. Deathless is at about 37,000 words and the final count should be between 80,000-90,000 words.

Finally, I'm also working on another short story called Nightmare People. It is a straight up horror story. A group of twenty-somethings search for a thought to be dead friend, but accidentally end up in another world. A world that is inhabited by their greatest failures and fears. I've been working on NP on lunch and before work at my job-job. I don't have a release date for this. After Something Deadly and Wolves in the Ice, possibly after the second Dreadful entry, Sister's Keeper, of which the rough draft is finished.

As far as events, I'll post up a separate post about that later on today. Thanks for the support. I'll see you later.

-Jake dh

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