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Two Short Horror Stories for under $2!

Update 2: With Halloween at its close, each of these two horror stories are $.99, which is still a pretty good deal. Two stories for under $2! Click on the above images to read free previews on Amazon today. Be sure to leave a 4 or 5 star review once you're done. Thanks for the support.

Update 1: Click on the above images to receive your free books from now until Halloween! They are 100% cost free. My gift to you.

Good news everyone (yes, I'm ripping off Futurama), starting on October 27 and running until Halloween October 31, both of my short stories, Something Pretty, Something Deadly and Dreadful: Wolves in the Ice (technically it is a novelette) will be.... wait for it....


Yes, you can download both horror stories for nothing in your Kindle app. This is part of the KDP select program, so these stories are exclusively on Amazon Kindle, which allows me to run a crazy-ass deal like this.

I don't know how many times I've heard, "But I don't have a Kindle," so to avoid confusion for those who either only have my two physical novels or downloaded them on Nook, you do not need a physical Kindle to download the app. I have the app in my phone, almost every device allows you to download the Kindle app for free instantaneously, so these two books really will be 100% abso-freaking-lutely free.

The only thing I ask in return is that once you've read them, please put a review up for each individual story. This also applies to the two BulletProof Ghost novels. Review them all, if you would kindly.

I hope you enjoy your free stuff and thanks for the support thus far. I'll have more updates on new projects in the next week or so. One of such projects, I will need your help with in the extreme. Stay Tuned.


-Jake dh

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