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The BulletProof Ghost #1 Comic Book Script!

So, apologies, the formatting from the word document didn't quite transfer to the pasting into the blog, but I think you'll still get the gist. This is the most current version of the comic book script, the art for said comic is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo.


PAGE ONE (8 panels) Panel 1. The view is from KYLE’S perspective. He is in DILBANE MIDDLE SCHOOL. He is approaching the gymnasium. His vision is a little blurry around the edges. You can’t see any of KYLE’S body. Two large gymnasium doors with the initials DMS adorning the wood under the push bar. 1 KYLE (narration box, different from the later narration box. The later thought box will look more digitized) I HAVE TO SEE HER. I’M… PRETTY SURE… Panel 2. KYLE is looking down. His hands are covered in blood. 1 KYLE (narration box) I’M PRETTY SURE I’M GOING TO DIE. Panel 3. The panel is black, like KYLE went blind. NO DIALOGUE. Panel 4. KYLE’S sight is back, but it’s a little blurrier. He is really close to the push bars on the gym’s doors. He is reaching for the door with his left blood covered hand. Side Note: This is the hand that becomes fully synthetic later on in the comic. 1 KYLE (narration box) I’M STARTING TO FEEL SLEEPY… I… DAMN IT. COME ON, KYLE. I JUST NEED TO SEE HER… BEFORE I GO…

Panel 5. KYLE is looking at his feet. There’s blood all over the floor, running down his legs and pooling around his shoes. 1 KYLE (narration box) IS ALL OF THAT ME? HOLY SHIT… Panel 6. KYLE is pushing the door open. The girls’ gym class is in session. There’s the teacher and about a dozen girls playing basketball. IRENE is in the middle of the group on defense. They are where DMS gym clothes (the outfits were designed in the previous artwork).

NO DIALOGUE. Panel 7. Everyone looks at KYLE (aka the reader). They look shocked and unsure of what to do. One girl has her hands on her mouth. Others are frozen in terror. Irene drops the ball in her hands in shock. KYLE’S vision is getting blurrier still, mostly around the edges of the panel. 1 KYLE (narration box) I MADE IT… I CAN’T BELIEVE… IT…

2 IRENE KYLE?! Panel 8. The panel is twisted on its side. KYLE is falling, so the view should reflect that. He is in mid fall, his legs have given up and his body has fully gone into shock from blood loss. IRENE is sprinting to her dear friend. She is too far to reach him in time, but looks like she is extending her arms to try to catch him none the less. 1 KYLE (narration box) SHIT…

PAGE TWO (5 panels) Panel 1. The panel is black again. No Dialogue. Panel 2. KYLE’S vision is back, but only the center is clear, everything else is indecipherable. He sees IRENE holding him up and crying. She is hysterical. Her face looks like she is scared, worried and panicked. One of her best friends is bleeding to death in her arms at the age of 13. Tears

are streaming down her face. There are people in the blurry haze standing and watching the scene. 1 KYLE (narration box) I CAN’T HEAR HER. I CAN BARELY SEE. I WISH SHE LOOKED HAPPIER… BUT… I’M STILL GLAD. Panel 3. IRENE’S turning her head away while still holding KYLE while he looks up at her. She is closing her eyes tight. She is hyperventilating from the stress.