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Get Exclusive Content on Patreon for $1 a Month!

Click Here!!

So, what is Patreon, I hear some of you saying. Patreon is a platform where I can set up a subscription service to deliver premium content, for a monthly fee. I hear your collective eye roll, but I'm looking for alternative ways to fund The BulletProof Ghost comic book, so here we are.

Right now if you pay the low, low amount of $1 a month (which is the only level of patron on my page) you can read the rough drafts of the Prologues for both The BulletProof Ghost: Magnum Opus and Deathless: Cylinder of Sickness. You also receive a downloadable version of Dreadful: Wolves in the Ice. All for $1!

I will have more content as time goes on. Sneak peaks and early releases of book cover and comic book art. Videos and live streams of my writing process. Probably even vids of me reading my novels, short stories and scripts. I'll drop content every week. So far, I've kept up with it for two weeks, so yeah... get you dollar's worth. I'll also set up some sort of drawings and give aways in the future as well. So keep an eye out.

Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, etc to get minute to minute updates on the pages. Patreon should send you an email when I drop content, but just in case.

I appreciate every Patron. If you subscribe to this service, you'll get your name in the special thanks section of every work I publish while you're a patron. Pretty neat, right? Thanks for the support.


-Jake dh

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