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Evillcon 2019 and KWC Filmfest

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So, in case it slipped your mind, I'll be at Evillcon Anime Convention this entire weekend. I've wanted to attend this convention as a creator since 2012 when I attended as a guest. Sadly, I was giving out cards for my Kickstarter to fund the first BulletProof Ghost comic book attempt. I had no idea what I was doing at that time, but this year I have a table, two BulletProof Ghost novels to sell (three if you count the compilation book), button pins, new shirts, mousepads and a brand new item for me, hats with the new BulletProof Ghost logo on them!

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone there. We can discuss my book series as well as the comic book version in development right now. No promises, but I may be running an Indiegogo to help fund the rest of the comic.

On April 6 from noon until 6pm, I'll be at KWC Filmfest doing my typical signing and selling thang. I haven't been to Owensboro as an author since 2016, so I'm looking forward to talking to the local residents and college students about my book/soon to be comic book series. Thanks to Tim Heerdink for facilitating the event for myself and the other participating Guild members.

This year is shaping up to be eventful and full of events. I'll have more info on the comic book, possible crowdfunding in the months to come. Thanks for the support.


-Jake dh

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