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Dreadful: Sister's Keeper (Sneak Peek - Rough Draft)

Apologies for the formatting. This blog doesn't like having literature pasted into it, but this is a rough draft after all. I did do a quick run through into order to clean it up a bit. This takes place pretty soon after Dreadful: Wolves in the Ice.

If you haven't read Wolves in the Ice, there is a free version HERE.

This is another cut and pasted version, but it is free. If you want a better formatted downloadable version, you can email me at . Full disclosure, if I send you that free version, I will put you on my email list. I only send a couple emails a month, so don't worry about me spamming you.

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Now, enjoy your free preview to my soon to be sequel to Wolves in the Ice.

Dreadful: Sister's Keeper

by Jake dh

Text and Photo Copyright © 2019 by Jacob Harris (Jake dh)

All rights reserved. No part of this book or story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying recording or by any information storage or retrieval system, without permission from the publisher/author.

Dreadful™ created by Jacob Harris (Jake dh)


Lynn sat in the small closet. Her feet were pulled back to avoid the sunlight peeking through the crack in the door. She was breathing heavy with bloodlust. Her survival instinct was the only thing keeping her in this tiny space. Lynn wanted out. She wanted to hunt.

Her thoughts were focused on one goal: Finding something with blood in its veins and drinking every last drop. Her red eyes watched the sunlight start to receded towards the bottom of the door. Lynn was going to burst through that door the moment she sensed it was safe.

If she touched that light for even a moment, her skin would start to burn. Inside of a few seconds she would ignite into flames. After about a minute, she would be immobile. The word dead didn’t apply to her, because she was already dead. Lynn’s ex-fiancé killed her. He turned her into a walking corpse, just like him.

The cabin was still warm due to the lit fireplace. The stone mouth only had a few embers left, but despite windows and door being broken in, it still had a bit of heat left. This kept her deceased body from freezing up. This wouldn’t last for long given that the fire was nearly out. The final puffs of smoke levitated out of the chimney as the charred remains of firewood died out.

The closet was dark now. Her killer instincts kicked in. Lynn literally turned the door into splinters as she rushed through it with blinding speed. The creature she had become looked around. It had no memory of her old life. It only knew the thirst. It only cared about the hunt.


Several Hours Before

Trevor trekked his way through the deep Alaskan snow. He turned around to look over his shoulder. He couldn’t see the cabin anymore. He shook off the guilt he felt for leaving Lynn back there. Trevor knew once the garlic in her system metabolized, she would rip him apart. He wasn’t going to get drained dry by a monster, albeit a very pretty one.

The British hunter passed a corpse in the snow. It was the werewolf that tried to ambush them by hiding in a tree. Cheeky bastard, he thought to himself. The corpse had morphed from a humanoid-wolf behemoth into a normal white wolf. It had four legs, not two. A normal person would have never suspected that this animal had been a man, once upon a time. This little fact made killing these things so much easier. No human bodies to use in a murder investigation. Trevor moved on.

The werewolf tracker looked at the red horizon. This would keep him safe. Even a feral animal knew not to run straight into death. Even if she didn’t have the sense to stay away from the light, she wouldn’t make it very far. Lynn’s body would be a charred piled of bones inside of two minutes.

Trevor stopped. He thought about going back. Maybe he could keep her safe until her bloodlust subsided. He could keep pumping her full of garlic concentrate. That would keep her in a comatose state. He wasn’t a vampire tracker. Trevor didn’t know how much bloody garlic to give her or how often. There was also the fact that the metal of the bullet itself was special. The garlic might not be enough to keep her calm. That meant if he did go back, it would be a night full of shooting Lynn over and over again. The single bullet kept her docile enough, but he just didn’t know enough about vamps to take that chance.

Trevor saw his extremely damaged truck up ahead. There were a few things he need out of the cab. After he grabbed them, he would ditch the truck. He grabbed a handful of flares, a few heating packs and his ammo bag. The bag was really heavy, even for him. That’s why he traveled light when he and Lynn traveled to the cabin. He had more than enough ammo for that encounter. Hell, he even used his almost never touched ‘Bat Killers’. That’s what the man who sold the bullets called them.

Trevor left the silver traps behind. Most of them were sprung, but he made sure the two that weren’t had been triggered. He pressed down on them with a thick stick he had broken off of a nearby tree. SNAP! Trevor would come back for them when he bought or… borrowed another truck.

More wolf corpses littered the snowy clearing. This was the most fortunate thing about killing a werewolf. There were movies where the monsters turned back into the people they used to be. This would make Trevor’s job really, really hard if he were leaving human corpses in his wake. Some people might notice that wolves aren’t generally found in certain areas, but that’s certainly better than a murder investigation.

The road started to become visible from Trevor’s position. He kept trudging forward. Lynn’s wrecked car was covered in a few inches of snow. Trevor made his way around to the driver’s door. He stuck his head into the vehicle. He needed some information. Trevor popped the trunk while he was in there. His hand grasped a purse as he walked around to the trunk.

His gloved hands shuffled through her belongings. He tried not to notice a few of the more intimate items that resided inside. He found a small book, which might have what he needed. Lynn mentioned she had a brother. Trevor flipped through the diary and saw that her brother’s name was Derrick. Derrick Clayte.

He stared at the license plate as he pocketed the book. Trevor pulled a pocket screwdriver out of his jacket. He removed the plate and tossed it into the woods. For what came next, he didn’t need anyone figuring out that this was Lynn’s car. Without the plate, it would take time to put the pieces together. The roads were so bad, that he had a decent amount of time to make this work. If he wasn’t going to take care of Lynn, he at least owed it to her to get someone else to take on the responsibility.

He reached in his jacket’s pocket to pull out Lynn’s cell phone. His fingers flipped through the various numbers and found Derrick’s name, “Outstanding,” he said to himself.


Several Hours Later

Lynn frantically looked around the cabin for anything or anyone to feed on. Her sharp, bright fangs glistened in the moonlight. Globs of drool slowly dripped down the sides of her mouth. She desperately hungered for fresh blood. Lynn saw the open door and sprinted into the woods.

Her blinding speed pushed her through the air as if there weren’t any frozen ice or snow. Lynn merely ripped through all of it with her demonic strength. When she was still in the middle of the change; when she was human, she slowly pushed through the dust one step at a time. Now that she ranked among the cursed undead, effortlessly speeding through the two-foot-deep snow.

At about the halfway point between the cabin and Trevor’s truck, her legs started to slow. Lynn lost her traction. The vampire rolled head over heels into the scattering snow. She frantically grabbed at anything she could to stop her momentum. The blood-thirsty beast bounced up and down, then slid for several yards.

After what seemed like an eternity, Lynn’s careening body finally came to a halt. The transformed woman attempted to get to her feet, but her limbs weren’t working correctly. Lynn’s body, being a corpse, couldn’t regulate her temperature like a warm blooded mammal. Cursed blood froze into solid chunks within her veins. Within a handful of minutes, the monster laid still. She was frozen solid.


Hope you enjoyed this excerpt from Sister's Keeper. More content will be up on Patreon at . Thanks for the support.

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