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Updates: Comic Book Art and Free Stories

So before we get started, let's cover the essentials.

I'm running an Indiegogo to help fund the rest of the 16 pages of Comic Book Art that I need to finish Issue #1 of The BulletProof Ghost comic. Click Here to earn cool rewards, as of yet the relaunch has no pledges, so even $1 helps.

I have a Patreon (Click Here) where I'm giving my patrons sneak peeks at my new projects, rough drafts for The BulletProof Ghost: Magnum Opus (prologue), Deathless: Cylinder of Sickness (prologue) and Dreadful: Sister's Keeper are available now. I'm also going to post some of the full color art for the BPG comic book much sooner than I'm releasing on the website or social media. Becoming a patron only costs $1, so it is a great deal. More exclusive content to come soon.

I recently secured a table at Big Bang in Owensboro for Free Comic Book Day on May 4. My last experience there wasn't great, but that wasn't Big Bang's fault. I didn't know what I was doing back then. Bad at selling. No credit card reader. Honestly it is incredible I sold any books that day. I look forward to seeing everyone there and show them how much I've upped my salesmanship game!

Other than that, there isn't a ton else going on. No solid dates on releases. I'm going to get a decent amount of time to write in May, so hopefully, I'll have more info to drop next month. Right now, I'm still working on my fantasy novel in progress, Deathless: Cylinder of Sickness, which is now around 58,000 word long. I hope to get this beast picked up by a big time publisher, so I can't even spit ball at a release date on that one. The assorted short stories I have in progress will trickle out on Amazon and Nook through out the year.

Keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram (links up above^^^) for more up to minute updates. Thanks again for the support.


-Jake dh

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