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The First 3 Pages of The BPG Comic Book!

For everyone who is new to the website or my writing, let's catch you up. If you're reading this, then you more than likely bought one of my books or signed up for my mailing list. I'm most well known for my scifi-action novel series, The BulletProof Ghost. If you haven't read the series, you can read the both books in the series for free if you have Amazon Prime.

You can go to the BOOKS section above to download my other short stories, also for free if you have Prime.

Finally, before I drop the first 3 pages for the finalized art for the comic books series based on the novels, you can also see rough drafts and other unique content on my Patreon account for only $1 a month! When more art comes down the pipe, most of it will only be on the Patreon or will be displayed there for a long time before it hits the internet elsewhere. Some art will ONLY be in the actual comic or the Patreon.

Without a further ado... the first 3 pages. Thank you to for the art and Scott Loesch for designing several of the characters.

Thanks for all of the support thus far. Four more pages are currently being created, but I need 13 more pages funded to complete the full comic book. The cost of which tops $16,000, so yeah, quite a long road to go, but at the beginning of the year, I had $0 for the interior.

If you want to help, download those books for free on Prime or purchase the physical versions, become a patron or tell your friends and family about the website and the book series.


-Jake dh

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