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BulletProof Ghost Comic Book Release Details and Updates

The physical launch event for The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes comic book adaptation is May 6, 2023 at Comic Quest in Evansville, Indiana. Click the above image for location information and directions. The event is on Free Comic Book Day at 10am until 4pm (perhaps later depending on foot traffic). I am not the only vendor on this day, so be sure to check out everyone's art, books, merch, etc. I'll be selling signed copies of the comic and my other books as well as giving away my signature button pins with every book purchase.

As far as online sales go, I cannot pin down a date at the moment. I'm selling both physical and digital copies via Ka-Blam. They have informed me due to backlog, BPG: Prototypes #1 may not be release for another 3 weeks plus. So as soon as I know, you'll know. If you want a digital copy on May 6 or after, email me at and we can work out payment via Paypal. The price for the digital copy is $3.

The remainder of the Indiegogo rewards will go out within the next couple of weeks. So for the few that haven't got theirs yet, it is coming, but I have a few more items to be made before I can send them out. Thanks for your patience.

Also, I have a Tiktok account now. The link is in my social links above. I hope to do some live readings here and there through Tiktok and Facebook.

Thanks again to everyone who's supported my projects throughout the years. More updates will come soon. Later.


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