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Inked Art for The BulletProof Ghost Comic Book

So, if you've paid attention to either this website, the old website with 'the' in the url or the Blogger site, then you're familiar with the long and arduous journey that creating The BulletProof Ghost comic book has been. The blog posts go all the way back to 2013. The original blog took up residence on the old, old wix blog that doesn't exist anymore. If you were following me back then, you would see that I started taking this concept seriously in 2011. When I took the first steps of attempting to garner funding and design the main characters. If you want to reach back to the original scripts and story beats, then you would have to take a stroll back through the 2000s.

Now here we are: Two novels based on the comic scripts published and out in the wild, the entire first issue funded and in production and hopefully a path to funding issue two. Thank you to everyone who helped either monetarily or in spirit.

Now onto the reason to came to this post. The art. Here are five new pages from the comic book. These inked pages don't have text as of yet, but all of these are approved for coloring and lettering. Some of these images WILL spoil the end of the issue. If you've read the novel The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes, then you won't be surprised by the final image, but if you haven't... well I warned you.


Character Designs for The BulletProof Ghost/Prototype 005/Kyle by Scott Loesch and Jake dh

Script Written by Jake dh


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