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Life Updates and Goodreads Page

So, two days after I released Nightmare People and Other Short Horrors, this happened. While waiting for construction, another car rear ended me at over seventy miles per hour, without trying to stop. The accident broke my ankle, broke five ribs and required three staples in the back of my head. No one else was in the car, and I was hurt the most out of the three people involved, I'm injured the worst.

So, over the last less than two weeks, I was basically laid up and in a lot of pain. I've only started to write over the last couple of days. Still in a lot of pain and can't put weight on my fractured leg. I'm gradually getting better every day, but it's going to take weeks to get back on my feet again.

You can pick up a copy of Nightmare People on Amazon here.

Thanks for the support and I hope you enjoy being tortured.


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