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The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades is out... kind of...

The day has finally come! The BulletProof Ghost: In Spades is available to purchase... kind of.

If you want to buy the physical version that will be shipped to your house, then you can to that.

The Kindle version will be out in 72 hours. I apologize for that. I thought if I technically published everything and kept the sales channels turned off, I could drop everything all at once, but alas, Amazon has to make things difficult.

The free preview for BPG: In Spades is available as the last post made on this blog. If you need your BPG appetite satiated, hopefully that will suffice until your copy comes in the mail or the Kindle version pops up. As soon as the Amazon versions appear, I'll post them on this blog and all available social media.

If you happen to live or are near Evansville, Indiana, I will be at Barnes and Noble on Green River Road from 1:30 pm until 3:00 pm selling and signing copies of both books in the BPG saga. I hope to see you there. Stay tuned to the blog and my brand-spanking-new website for my updates.

See you around.

-Jake dh

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