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The BulletProof Ghost TV Pilot Script!

So, I recently entered a Television Script contest on The goal was to write a script for the first episode of a TV show, which for the uninitiated is known as a Pilot. I converted a chunk of The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes into a television script! This is still the second draft, so it might be a bit rough, but I thought there are those of you out there that might want to see what the project looks like at the moment, plus this is the version I submitted. The formatting didn't quite transfer over, so yeah.

The BulletProof Ghost (Pilot)


Jake dh



The sound of labored breathing can be heard. The sound is distinct. That of a young teen. His voice is desperate and frightened. Wet squeaking sounds start to fade into the soundtrack. The sound of sneakers slipping on a wet locker room floor.


Help… Some… body



KYLE, 13, is struggling to stand up. KYLE, is small for his age. His skin is soaked with sweat and unnaturally pale due to blood loss. His hair, once stylishly spiked is matted with streak of red from rolling on the floor. The floor is wet with his blood and water from careless post-shower athletes. Leaning up against a bench made out of concrete rising from the floor of the locker room. His chest is bleeding profusely. Tears are streaming down his cheeks. Determination is still present in his expression.


CLOSE UP on KYLE’s eyes. He needs to accomplish something before he bleeds out onto in the floor.


A bloody, large, sharp kitchen knife lies on the floor a few inches from KYLE’s leg.




IRENE, 13, laughing outside in the sunlight. Crying in a car. Waving goodbye to him from in front of her house. This is all in KYLE’s head. His memories of her.


I… ack!

KYLE’s hand cups his chest wound as he finally finds the strength and balance to gain solid footing. KYLE starts taking one painful step after the other.


KYLE is dripping blood all over the linoleum floors as he shuffles toward a pair of heavy gym doors. He looks back at the trail of fluid he’s left in his wake.


Shit… is all of that mine? I don’t have…

KYLE coughs several times, spatting blood into the air and on his hands. He looks at the red dripping from his fingertips


…much time left.

KYLE leans up against the gym door for a few seconds. He doesn’t have very much energy left. He strains as he forces the door open.

INT. DMS Gymnasium

IRENE is playing basketball with another group of girls. IRENE is the only black girl in a crowd of lighter skinned girls. IRENE is peppy, happy and fun loving. She is at least six inches taller than KYLE. IRENE turns her head to see a bloody, exhausted KYLE walking into the room. He smiles for a moment before his eyes roll into the back of his head. IRENE’s fun loving attitude fades away into terror.


Kyle? Kyle! No!

IRENE sprints with everything she has and drops violently to the floor to help her friend. KYLE is emptying out onto the floor at this point. A pool of blood starts to spread with KYLE at the center.


Oh no… nononono…

KYLE’s eyes are unfocused. Starting at the ceiling. IRENE is trying to put pressure on the wound, covering herself in blood. Her gym clothes are splattered with crimson red. IRENE turns to see her classmates and the teacher staring shocked. Frozen in place.


Someone, one… all of you, get a fucking ambulance, you morons! Goddamnit.

IRENE was sobbing with every word. A bloody hand touched the side of her face. KYLE looked up at her. He focused on her.


Hey, Irene

IRENE grabbed his hand against the side of her face.


It’s going… it’s going to be fine. We’ll just…

The pool of blood under KYLE spread under IRENE’s knee. She couldn’t lie to him anymore.


I’m sorry. I didn’t want to make you cry. I just wanted to see you one last time.

KYLE tried to hug IRENE, but seemed too weak. She pulled him up to her the rest of the way and embraced him.


I wanted to be with you when the end came…

KYLE’s eyes go blank. IRENE keeps hugging him as she rocks back and forth.




KYLE(PROTOTYPE 005, THE BULLETPROOF GHOST), 17, is blocking various kinetic blade attacks from a SYNTH. The blade sticking out of his left arm is solid and sharp, but has a florescent blue glow, as does various parts of his armor. Specifically his eye lens that make him look particularly foreboding. KYLE is five feet five inches tall, he is an adult, albeit a short one.

KYLE is dawning a completely contained armor that reveals no skin. It is light grey with blue light emanating from multiple points including a field being emitting from the bottoms of his feet.

The SYNTH is gangly and cold. Its movements are quick and precise. The dimensions of the machine allow the viewer to immediately understand that this thing cannot be human. The SYNTH has blue kinetic blades jutting out of its elbows as opposed to KYLE’s single left arm blade. The SYNTH has a single red eye at the center of its head. (Visual aids for both Cyber-KYLE and the SYNTH included).




WILLIAM is watching the battle from a safe distance. His hand clasped behind his back. Following the fight with his jet black eyes. He is calm and collected. His outfit seems to have influences from multiple cultures, and yet maybe no influence at all. WILLIAM says nothing as he observes the result of this test.


The environment is forest like, but the viewer can see that the forest has an edge. That edge connects with a silver metal wall. The wall has moss and vegetation growing on it, but the growth stops about ten feet off of the ground. The ceiling of the room it multiple stories off of the ground. The reason for this becomes apparent as the two dueling figures begin to take flight.

KYLE is losing this melee battle. The SYNTH’s blades swipe across KYLE’s defensive stance. A few impacts are on his kinetic blade, but the SYNTH breaks through and cuts KYLE’s chest armor a few times. A spurt of blood oozes down the chest-plate.



KYLE soars into the air, using his kinetic boosters. A distinct sound can be heard emanated from the increased energy output. A high pitched pulse. KYLE is facing away from the SYNTH as he picks up speed.


I’m not letting this thing kill me. I’m…

KYLE turns his head, still in motion.


…not going to die again.

KYLE stops in mid flight to attack the metallic fiend. A portion of his left arm pushes out of the right side of his forearm. A hole pointing toward his fist, emanates an orange light. A small ball of light jumps from his arm blaster. It lands in the center of the chest of the SYNTH. A large explosion send the robot back into the ground. A plume of dirt and dust is thrown into the air.

KYLE lands on the soft ground, trying to scan for his enemy. KYLE’s chest wound from before is in view. Where a cut on his skin was seen before, open and bleeding, is now closed. Fully healed..

He put his hand on a tree next him. The viewer is now seeing the world through KYLE’s eyes. He switches between multiple types of vision states. Thermal, radiation, motion, radar. KYLE sees an indication light up red and point to his right.