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Buy Dreadful: Wolves in the Ice Now!

Update!: I posted the link in the front of the website, but I didn't update the blog when Wolves in the Ice dropped. Whoops! So, if you didn't know, Dreadful: Wolves in the Ice is now officially available on Kindle for $.99! Quite the steal and with Halloween right around the corner, it would be a scary read or a great gift for a friend or family member. Check it out and leave a review on Amazon if you would. Thanks so much.

Original post: The first story in my new short horror series, Dreadful, is up for pre-order! The official release date is August 10. Click here to get your copy on Kindle for a mere $.99!

I have no concrete plans for a physical release as of yet, but I am working on a possible Halloween release of the first four stories in the Dreadful series (currently titled: Wolves in the Ice, Sister's Keeper, The Dangers of Courting and Berserk) plus a few extra stories.

I am also currently having Something Pretty, Something Deadly formatted for Kindle and Nook, so I will post updates for that as soon as I can.

Thanks again 004 the support.

-Jake dh

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