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Kindle Now Has The BulletProof Ghost Comic Book!

After a long wait and a ton of roadblocks, The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes Issue 1 is now available for download on Kindle. If you are using an android, the GooglePlay store won't let you buy via the Amazon app, so you'll have to load it up into a web browser. This is a pain, but it can't be helped as Google and Amazon are at war or something. I'm not sure if this is the same on Apple devices/Iphone, but if it is, then the solution should be the same. If you are familiar with buying on Kindle, then this isn't news.

The second issue, when finished, should be up on Kindle before the other formats. Comixology and Kindle are fused together now, so that makes the whole process a lot easier.

Whether you've read the physical copy, the IndyPlanet digital copy, the Indiegogo PDF or the Kindle version of the comic book, I would absolutely appreciate a 5 star review on the Amazon page, as this will help me sell more copies, gain a bigger following and maybe be able to write full time, which is the end goal. Plus it's free to slap down a review.

Thanks for all of the support. I should have more news about signing events in the coming weeks. Subscribe to the website, follow me on your preferred social media (trying to build a Threads following at the moment). All the links are at the top. :)


Jake dh


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