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The First Three Pages of The BPG Comic Book are Funded... Now What?

So in case you haven't been paying attention to the goings on in my neck of the woods, I was running an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to pay for the illustrations for a comic book adaptation of The BulletProof Ghost. This was the media that BPG was meant for before I broke down and wrote the novel series; cutting out the middle man if you will.

Well, after going to several comic conventions and other shows where I could sell my novels, I realized that I could really sell these suckers. And text novels are NOT the items that people go to comic conventions to buy, but I can still pitch this book to almost anyone who comes across my table. I wasn't good at this at first (ask me about Geek Galaxy circa 2014), but now I'm pretty confident in my abilities as a salesman, at least when I'm selling something I'm passionate about.

Now what if I actually had an item people come to these conventions to buy. Especially, but not limited to, the patrons that have already bought the novels, are fans and are a little impatient about the release of BPG: Magnum Opus or Biodise Lost (which ever one I decide to work on after Deathless). They will practically sell themselves. More importantly, I can finally see my vision come to life in a visual format. People who have trouble dealing with full length text novels can finally have pictures to put with the story they've been reading for the last few years.

The Indiegogo... didn't go as well as I had hoped. I only received the funds to pay for 3.5 pages out of 20. Ouch. Three pages is still better than 0, so for the moment, I'm working with the illustrators at in order to get the process going. I can probably handle the remainder of the funding for the fourth page with my tax returns (given what I've been hearing, I may have a lot less $ in said return).

I may fund a chunk with my bonus for my job-job in May, plus whatever profits I make at my two events in March. The final source of funding may come from someone who will remain unnamed until I can confirm that they will fund that last stretch of illustration probably around July. So hopefully with all of those sources combined, we will finally see a BulletProof Ghost comic book in its entirety. Whew.

If you pledged to the campaign, I apologize for the delay. You will not receive the comic in July, but I promise you, that you WILL receive the comic by 2020. If you aren't subscribed to the blog, there is a box above where you can input your email. You can also follow me on various social media, which I encourage you to so you can keep up with the latest updates. I only post the big-big stuff here.

Thanks again for the support. I'll keep pushing forward with these projects as long as you keep reading.


-Jake dh

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