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New Finished Comic Book Art

Before all of this art gets posted, I'd like to fill everyone in on a few things. I will be at Writer's Block next Saturday, November 16 in Louisville, Kentucky. I will also be at Louisville Galaxycon on November 22 -24. These are my last scheduled signing events of the year and at this point in time, period. To be honest, my job-job has blackout periods for asking off time, both of the main cons I wanted to go to fall within those weeks. So for the moment, I have nothing to announce for 2020. When I do, I'll post it asap.

Secondly, the art in the post includes the official cover, Pages 1-3, Page 10 and the Kickstarter Promo image from 2012. Pages 4-6 will only be available on the Patreon page. The pay wall is only $1 a month. You can access rough drafts of stories that I'm working on as well as a full downloadable version of Dreadful: Wolves in the Ice.

And without further ado... dat finished comic book art.

I realized that this means you can only see one new page of comic book art, but all of the black and whites are in the previous post.

Thanks for all of the support so far. I hope to have more announcements sooner that later.

Jake dh

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