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Prototypes Price Drop & More Free Stuff!

First off, apologies for not updating the site for a while. You can find minor updates on my Twitter feed.

The only major update is that the final portions of my horror anthology, Dreadful Nightmares is currently being edited. I'm technically adding one more short story to the mix, but it's coming along. I have no clue when it'll be released given the current circumstances with COVID-19 putting the kibosh on book releases and gatherings... As soon as I know, you'll know.

Given how many people are cooped up in quarantine, I'm giving you a handful of gifts via Patreon and price drops.

This is for everyone, whether you subscribe to my Patreon or not. If you can, it would be appreciated, there is a ton of exclusive content and downloadables.

The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes ebook is now only $.99 on Kindle. The Nook version has only dropped down to $1.99 for... some reason. I'm working on getting that version dropped down as well.

Also, All of the completed art for The BulletProof Ghost: Prototypes comic book series is now available to the public. Three of the images were behind a paywall; until now, so here you go!

Last piece of BPG freebies: The BulletProof Ghost: Biodise Lost, which is a work in progress and the prequel to the current series. I dropped the prologue and the first chapter of what I have done late last year, which was also behind a pay wall. That's down and anyone can see it. Check it out to see the type of world that I try to develop in Biodise Lost(Click here).

April 2 - 6, two of my short horror stories will be free on Kindle. Dreadful: Wolves in the Ice and Something Pretty, Something Deadly can both be yours for nothing during that time. If you can't wait until tomorrow, both are $.99. Click on the titles to check them out.

All of my Dragon Ball what ifs are also free to the public on Patreon and will remain so from here on out.

There are only there at the moment, but here they are:

And that my friends are all of the bawler deals you can take advantage of right now or in the near future. Thanks for the support. This is for everyone that is hurting due to being out of work for the moment. If you're doing okay, think about subscribing to my Patreon for only $1 a month. You can also use your email to subscribe for free updates on this very website. Just go to the Home Page and input your email into the subscribe box.


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