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Nightmare People Cover Art Finished

This is the official cover for my upcoming horror anthology Nightmare People and Other Short Horrors. I love this cover so much. Thank you Dane at I'm working on the final touches for the manuscript (including a new author photo). This image is taken from the scene from the novella, Nightmare People wear Jen is exposed to a twisted version of her greatest childhood fear. The costumed amusement park character Celerat confronts the frightened woman. The walking cartoon begins to rip felt away to reveal a very real human-sized rodent on the inside. A creature that wishes to torture her forever in this perpetual hell. This is only one of the Nightmare People she'll encounter before she faces her one true greatest fear.

I also posted this scene on my Patreon which you can become a subscriber for only $1 a month. The good news is if you don't have a dollar to fund my future and current projects, you can view this specific story segment for free.

I should be able to announce a concrete release date next week, but I'm shooting for Friday October 30, 2020; just in time for Halloween!

Here are a few more images showing the original sketches/versions of the cover and the changes that the art went through.

This sketch was the first image attempting to bring what was in my head into a visual medium. I felt like it wasn't obvious enough that a real, human sized rat on the inside of a cartoon-like costumed character.

I informed Dane that I needed Celerat to have part of the mask left on her face, as well as part of the ripped off mask in her paw. This blew me away and confirmed that my vision could be made real for those with more visually based tastes.

This version I felt wasn't quite creepy enough, but very close. Celerat needed to be a little more menacing, so I had some blood added based on some of the events in the book.

Thanks for the support so far and I look forward to announcing a final release date.



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